Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dastkar Nature Bazaar

I've been too much away and too busy travelling this past month. Diwali in the desert was amazing and now that I'm packing and getting ready to leave Delhi I thought I'd just share a few pictures from the previous Nature Bazaar held by Dastkar.

Market stalls - you can see Malkha from where I got fabrics from at a previous market. I can't wait to receive the final piece from my tailor tomorrow.

Amazing camel leather bags with Gujarati emboridery.

The fair provides the biggest choice of fair trade, naturally dyed, hand spun scarves and bags that I've ever seen.

This is a detail shot of a sari that I simply had to return for when Diwali parties came closer. The peacocks are painted by hand in a technique called kalamkari.

At a friend's Diwali party with SartorialDiary
If you want to visit the Dastkar market in Delhi there is supposedly a chance again this December. Keep yourself posted on their facebook-page where people will start asking for the dates long before they are published. The location is walkable from Chhatarpur station and the food is great too.

UPDATE: the winter bazaar in the theme of Winter Weaves will be running from 20th to 25th December.

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  1. Good luck!
    I've never understood how to find-out which Indian states are beginning to introduce some kind of welfare state, and which aren't. I think that an indian state that has universal healthcare, pensions, and secondary schools for girls is way-ahead of the others in a couple of ways. It has less chance of a population explosion among the poor, which is the main thing. And its' exporters have a great sales point when selling in Europe; it's slightly fairer competition with European factories.

    John Robertson