Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bestseller calls Detox campaign 'unreasonable and hypocritical'

Reading the Ecotextile Newsletter today I was absolutely shocked to find that Bestseller apparently refuse to 'Detox' with Greenpeace's campaign. The argument that they use is that their clothes is perfectly safe to wear and that what they already do is enough to save the environment. However, a quick Google search came up with this from 2011:

Two industry heavyweights in Denmark, IC Company and Bestseller, also made headlines with the exposé of dangerous chemicals in their textiles. After serious media attention specific targeted at Bestseller, both companys decided to take specific measurement to deal with the situation. IC Company decided to go public with an ad-campaigns warning customers in several countries against the problematic textiles and costumers were offered compensation.
Bestseller just released their very first Sustainability Report which will be an interesting read for everyone after this claim. I'll get back on this later...

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