Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trying to settle again

It's been two damn well crazy months since I was last active here on the blog. Goa was such a blast an and unmissable end to my fantastic journey in India. I can hardly believe that 5 months managed to pass. It all happened so quickly. Yet I'm super happy to be back in London where I've already managed to find and move into a flat - and arranged for internet! My flatmates are amazing and are even super positive about the prospect of getting vegboxes. It could not be a better match. My new internship/job is going really well too. It's not easy dealing with unhappy customers, but my colleagues are super sweet and make the long working days zoom by.

Today I was at the car-boot sale where the London Bridge Dungeons were selling some of their old props (all sold out by 1pm when we managed to get there). Afterwards I went to a local health food shop to stock up on the essential grains and seeds. I'm so excited to get started on my rye bread baking again. The text below is so absolutely right when it states that any Dane will inevitably miss three things, and always these three things when abroad for a longer period of time.

Danish Rye Bread from here
Well, I don't like liquorice and I don't eat meat - but it doesn't stop me from missing it and keep an eye out for replacements. Like Spunk and yeast spreads.

To get a hold of all the "specialities" needed for rye bread in London, one must:
1. Buy cracked or chopped rye kernels (whole ones may work with some recipes and are easier to get hold of). This can be done online with companies like Shipton Mills and Infinity Foods.

2. Get hold of malt beer (off licenses in East London and the World Food aisle in the massive Tesco's stock them).

3. Start a sourdough culture.

The rest like rye flour, linseeds, sunflower seeds and all that jazz is available everywhere. Except time, time is a problem. Also, making your flatmates understand the joy of leavening rye bread dough. The smell is slightly odd for those not in the know.

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