Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let's head to Jaipur

Last weekend I decided it was time Sam and I finally paid a visit to Jaipur. Dubbed the Pink City because the central market used to be painted all pink with paint made from roses. This was a romantic gesture that a Mughal king had done to impress his English wife*. It is much more importantly the centre of handblock printing, but I'm saving that story for later. Here is a collection of some of my pictures from our crazy animal-filled visit to Jaipur.
Space Communication store in the central market. Now the pink is more of an orange shade because the government realised too late that the pink colours was an attraction.

Hello little pidgeon. Saw this through the window as we were walking up the vantage point tower Siralaat.

Sundial with the precision of 2 seconds.
Which zodiac is this? From the Jantar Mantar astrological observatorium.

The Anokhi Museum of handblok printing
A wedding horse

The view from Amber Fort to Nahagarh Fort

Inside Amber Fort

Workshop of gold dust printing

Handblock printing factory

The first day we just managed to have a look around the places our excessively charming driver wanted to take us. The second he showed us some factories for whom he used to work as a salesman. He also introduced me to a guru who predicted that I would have troubles with my stomach within two days - thankfully that never happened. So hopefully I will also avoid arthritis and keep my hearing! We ended our last day at the Indian Coffee House. A place where a meal will cost you less than you could ever imagine and where the waiters starch their headdresses in a manner so that they have 20 centimetres of fabric standing straight on the top of their heads.

*Caution: this info is provided by a cheeky untrustworthy tuktuk driver and should have been checked.

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