Friday, September 14, 2012

Chandigarh Rock Garden

It's been some time now, but I'm eager to share with you my pictures from the Rock Garden in Chandigarh. The Rock Garden is a fantastic labyrinth of structures and statues build from debris. The artist Nek Chand was secretly building thousands of statues while Chandigarh was being totally restructured under the guidance of Le Corbusier. He spent 18 years building the garden until it was discovered by the authorities and faced the danger of being demolished. However, public opinion was on his side and the park was officially inaugurated in 1975. I was baffled by the vast size and his imagination of how the walls, bridges and waterfalls could be built from the scrap material. We spent several hours walking around in the sweltering heat, but the interesting structures kept us intrigued. I am definitely a much better friend of my camera today because I found so many interesting motives and angles. I've tried to make a collection of the best here:



Afterwards we found a really nice cafe called something-Girl. They had a fantastic carrot-apple-ginger juice, but the craziest thing ever was that they had a photo from Nyhavnen, Copenhagen. You are never too far away from home - even when you spend all day in an Alice-in-Wonderland-rabbit-hole-park.

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