Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Curry Fingers

A week has already passed by and I just want to give you a little update on all the food I have tasted this past week.
Cholle bathure is my favourite dish at uni so far. The bread is super greasy and buttery.
Here are some other dishes from the canteen. It's good stuff for just 45 Rs. (that's just about 50p or 5 kroner), yummy.
I love the school canteen mainly because it's easy to choose where to go. Secondly because they have a menu board and the price easily corresponds with how full you'll get. So I just evaluate "How hungry am I today between 20 and 60 rupees?" Often I try new stuff and my coursemates love to teach me pronouncing the names properly.

Anyone can have a desperate moment. Went to McDonalds for this McVeg, which actually isn't too bad.
One of the funny things about fast food here is that actually, the ketchup is just little bit more spicy than what you get in Europe. Just a little bit different.

My fellow exchange student loves to buy her water in the nearby cake shop. It's dangerous for me to join her! This  rum ball was refrigerator cold (that feels like ice cream to the touch here), the glazing was shiny and it even had maraschinos inside. Delicious treat in a dirty alley.

This meal which I had yesterday is a fest. A Thali at Naivedyam is one of the best treats you can give to yourself I think. This is just a basic one, mind you, the person sitting by the table next to me had at least 3 more tin cups. You get something strong, something sweet, something tamarind, something bitter, something sour - ie. everything you need from Indian curries straight on to one plate.

Just a bread roll I thought - no no there's curry inside too!
The other day I was having a nice little lunch in the park; a kathi cheese roll and bread roll. It was quite lovely sitting amongst the exotic plants, and during that time I managed to ignore the heat.

After a week of culinary experiences today I decided to buy a toothbrush - not for my teeth, but to try and clean off the yellow curry stains. Wish me luck with that.

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