Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I arrived just 3 days ago to magical New Delhi. I am a little exhausted having contracted a cold and the lovely Delhi belly already on top of the jet-lag. So today it's just a quick picture update for you all.

 My sweet guide Swati, who I met in London when she was also an exchange.

 Kids around the lake by India Gate. There's so much street food, candy and toys to buy here. I was surprised at how few Westerners we saw.

 Our guides Swati and her friend had never driven past the residency of the politicians before. There was lots of nerves in the air and I was told to just shoot away quickly as we wouldn't be able to stop.

 It was fine and by the gate of the garden we joined many other vehicles just standing there for a little while.

 This pic is for my dad. Indians are crazy builders.

Signage on the metro to show the way to the Women's only carriage where you can avoid the stares of the men. I found it massively useful - much more than the metro map. I had to try and decipher which station I was at and where I was going in Hindi! I almost left Delhi before I realised that I was going in the wrong direction.

 Going home from uni today I saw loads of schoolchildren getting crammed into these mini-volkswagens. They managed to squeeze in more than twenty girls in this one.

Traffic is crazy, absolutely mad. Every day I take an autorickshaw with Samantha my fellow exchange student. But, maybe we should learn driving the Indian way?

Tomorrow is a day off from uni because of Rakshi. It's a festival to celebrate brothers of all kinds. Sisters and cousins buy knotted bracelets to tie around their brother and cousins wrists. Then the boys promise to protect their sisters and cousins al their lives and the families spend time together. I'll just try and sleep properly, go to a market to get water-proof shoes and uni books.

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  1. Hey mv!! Ü dejligt at læse om indien- oplevelser , lyder spændende alt sammen! savner dig <3 PS ikke noget med at lære at køre bil indian-style :p