Thursday, January 30, 2014

Transition - Universities' Green Week 2014

It still feels sort of futuristic writing 2014. People and Planet, the university environmental campaigning group are soon to inspire a nationwide Green Week with talks, events and exhibitions. This year's theme is transition: Meat-free Monday, Travel-lite Tuesday etc. I think transition is the perfect way to describe what needs to happen. We need to steadily change our behaviours, rather than go on sudden CO2 diets and having to "give up" at the first non-veg piece of candy. I am personally extremely vary of making my vegetarian diet a prison - if there's meat and it looks and smells delicious I'll have a taste. I probably end up eating sushi once a month. I definitely have meat every time I visit friend's family back home (how can I ask people to use pans and oven to make a single serving?). I want to do it this way - my way - because I know I'd fall through and 'fail' at being veggie. It's not a cleanse - it's really an easy lifestyle change that everyone can make with a little creativity in the kitchen. My transition must go one way only, that's the danger.

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