Monday, February 25, 2013

Get your mood up - It's Fairtrade Fortnight

I'm having a really really shitty time being fresh enough for work, but not fresh enough to enjoy it. In a minute it's Girls-time, but I just want to remind you all that it's Fairtrade Fortnight and so we should all take a little care to buy the better tea and the appreciate what we can give to those who worked hard to grow it.

If you can get small amounts of aid as close to the action as possible, as close to the need as possible and as close to the energy as possible, you are far more likely to have an effective return on investment. Michael Gidney, Head of Britain's Fairtrade Foundation
 Fairtrade products not only support farmers in getting a better price for their crop. The premiums used for communal purposes like schools and welfare are enabling the farmers to learn more sustainable practices and gives the next generation a chance to get a better education.

Photo: Simon Rawles
Furthermore, as we're "Taking a Step Further" this fairtrade fortnight, I'd like you to remember that the Fairtrade Foundation is just another brand. The fair trade ideology can be implemented in many different ways. Did you for instance know that Fairtrade hasn't yet made it to East Africa?

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