Monday, October 15, 2012

NV London Calcutta

I'm really enjoying today's Ethical Fashion Blogathon because I'm getting to know some brands more in depth, but more importantly I have already become a fan of new shops and brands that I wasn't even aware of. Check the twitter feed #ethicalfashionblogathon if you want to join me in this treasure hunt.

Next brand up is NV London Calcutta that I had honestly totally misunderstood until now, that I had the chance to sit down and look properly into their work. NV London Calcutta is a sustainable company in the way they source everything locally in Calcutta. Much more importantly they pay their workers a fair wage, encourage up-skilling and as a non-profit they have committed themselves to give everything back to society.

Having lived in India for a little over two months by now, the notion that at NV London Calcutta workers are all treated as equals means a lot to me. There is a very strong hierarchy between employer and worker. It is disheartening to see housekeepers bow in the dust over the smallest mistakes.

The leather bags are designed with a great lifespan in view. When you do invest in a leather product, I believe, it's immensely important that it's going to last you years and years. NV Calcutta's bags are produced from high quality leather, that will probably wear in really well and the designs are so classic you will never tire of carrying it.

On top of creating impeccably stylish leather products they also have a smaller range of silk scarves. Above is a picture that I have taken from their heart-warming Heritage photogallery. It takes you through a lot of the production steps, such as the handloom weaving of the scarves as above. This spring they even did a collaboration with poet and artist Ron Ryan. You should check it out here.

You'd think with the quality, craftmanship and fairtrade principles of the company that the products would be incredibly expensive. Think again, the ladies' purses start around £15 and the ones above are only £45.

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