Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day Four at Delhi Fashion Week

It's not exactly my day four, but that's what my entry card said. With the last day coming up tomorrow it was time for the up-and-coming designers to show what they had in store. First I went to a combined show of three young designers.

Kallol Datta 1955 is run by a graduate from CSM and it shows. The strong lines, the quirky print on structured garments all kept in the monotone made me temporarily wish all colours away. However, tonight I decided to colour it in a little anyway. So here are my runway pictures and doodles:

Please take an extra moment admiring those shoes before we go on to Anand Bushan and Rimzim Dadu. I have to say straight out that during the shows of those designers I lost track a little. There were too many looks and sub-collections. Also, my camera went a little fussy (nope, I'm not yet the photographer I was hoping to have become after thousands of pics in Jaipur).

Anand Bushan had a lot of mystically sparkling triangle pieces all worked around a fresh blue.

My camera really went crazy during Rimzim Dadu's show. I wish I had captured the final looks of lushy green sequins. I will update this space when find better coverage. Although the collection as a whole had some looks that needed discarding, there was really a lot of good pieces.

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