Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fashion Night Out India

Vogue's Fashion Night Out has truly become a global phenomenon. This Friday the luxury mall Emporio was host to the Indian version, complete with free champagne, wines and cramped full of photographers. Here are my pictures from the night:

Vikram and me - I'm flashing my one-black-button-shirt. I had lost a button, but I managed to only bring a black button with me here. Does it count as upcycled? Otherwise I'm wearing a few vintage accessories and American Apparel skirt.

Beautiful necklace in Ogaan, an Indian designer store.

Can you believe Fendi actually puts a bag like this in their window? Just the fact that they were selling it at all makes me wonder which year they think we are in.

Here comes my most favourite part. The Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton collaboration made for the best red carpet. The wigs were such a great touch, and of course the sleek dark brown envelope which they gave us the pictures in added some style to the entire thing.

I really don't understand how Dhruv and I managed to coordinate accessories so well.

How dare Marilyn Monroe photobomb us

Had a blast in the autorickshaw home. We managed to squeeze all five of us in there. The police actually stopped us, but because we "foreign tourists" shouldn't have to go back home alone they let us stay together.

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