Monday, August 20, 2012

Hauz Khas Village

I finally had time between settling into the new flat and all the work at Pearl to meet up with my sweetest friend Dhruv who I knew from London. He lives just near Hauz Khas Village which is the most adorable little area of New Delhi that I have yet seen. It's kind of boheme with caf├ęs and restaurants scattered all over in small alleyways in an area which undoubtedly used to be the kind of claustrophobic un-organised Delhi housing that is just so romantic. We had a South-Indian lunch in Naivedyam, went shopping and then Dhruv took me by surprise to the nearby fort.

Graffiti outside Naivedyam

I bought this amazing necklace in one of the small boutiques.
I promise to get you pictures of the shopping area itself one day. I also need to spend some time there to fully investigate all the eco-friendly shops. I saw signs for People Tree and I know Fabindia is there, but more importantly there is a big concentration of the local shops which stock recycled and ethical fashion.

The night ended with more friends of the fashion world, beer and a Rajasthani singer serenading into the night. I don't want to spell names wrong, so today I can only introduce to you Vikram (far right). He also studies at Pearl Academy - Fashion Design in his final year. I really like the photos on his blog The Sartorial Diary so I'm looking forward to see his work.

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